Top Innovative Shoe Brands of 2016

If you have watched many TV shows you have probably noticed that the rich and famous spend more money on shoes than they do on anything else. In fact, some spend more money than you can make in a year. Most of them have a complete closet full of shoes. For 2016, top shoe brands have come up with some of the most innovative shoes that can help you show off style and steal everyone else’s attention. Here are the top innovative shoe brands of 2016.


Brian Atwood

This is one of the newest entrance into the shoe market. Though shocking, the shoe brand is unique and will actually make everyone’s head turn whenever you walk around in them. Just like many top brands, Brian Atwood shoes are carefully manufactured in Italy before being exported to other parts of the world. While there might be simple entry levels shoes the original Brian Atwood brand high heeled boots can sell for roughly $600.

Alexander McQueen

Looking at them, these shoes are extremely preposterous. What makes them unique and innovative is that they combine the 16th-century flourishes, 19th-century design, and the 21st-century style. Before working for a theater costume company McQueen took some training with tailor hence, she was able to come up with this unique footwear. For you to get an exclusive Alexander McQueen shoes be prepared to part with $1500.

Jimmy Choo

These stylish shoes are likely to be famous with most celebrities. In fact, they will be the shoes of choice for walking down the red carpet. Although some of them are very expensive you will still be able to find a good pair at only a few hundred dollars. This is actually one brand that will definitely gain a huge following.


From the creation of John Buscemi and Ryan Babenzien, Greats is likely to shape the footwear industry. Apart from being refined, these shoe brands are quality driven. Since they are sold directly to consumers, they allow for cheaper price tags and short time delivery time. After scouring a large investment, the shoe brand is surely destined for a productive 20015.

Robert Santi

This brand belongs to the shoe group, Roberto Santi boots and high heels are among the most successful and searched after shoes in Austria and in Swizerland. The shop is present in these two countries with dozens of shoe shops.


These Japanese shoes brands not only have archetypal and heritage designs but are also very unique with superior precision and design. Although typically viewed in the realm of luggage and clothing, these shoes have surely been made into very progressive footwear. Although many have questioned its originality, Henderscheme shoe brand is likely to hit the market in a big way.


This brand has a huge name in the world of leather goods and has maintained this for almost a decade. Apart from this, they have currently established themselves in jewelry, clothing, and other accessories. Recently they have come up with great quality shoes that most women will definitely adore. These shoes are not only elegant but also durable and solid.


Though founded as early as 1952 this shoe brand is synonymous with luxury. This brand is looked for by many celebrities for their luxury clothing. In fact, it is believed that they have the second largest division in for apparels.